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Introducing the Braless T-shirt

Designed for effortless home modesty.

Our Customer Favourites

Hello Effortless Modesty.

LooTee® is the World's first Pad-less, Strap-less & Shelf-less T-Shirt:


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"Best thing about lootee is soft cloth. Now me and my dog can stroll in park and i dont have to wear tight bra and have my good time 😀"

- Cheshta Sharma

I found the material

to be really soft and easy to wear it. It’s comfortable.
- Jitender Kaur

Lootee has solved

such a big problem of mine. Along with being extremely practical, its super comfortable and the perfect ensemble to lounge in. It has everything that i have ever wanted - bra less comfort, soft fabric, pockets and cute design.


— Namrata Pahwa

LooTee is my favourite T-shirt

to wear at night. With complete freedom and comfort, for a peaceful night my choice is lootee. It is also my favourite during travel: good looking and smart in it, I can travel care freely 😊.

— Sumi Bisoi

Lootee does it's job!

The fabric and stitching feels super sturdy. I can see myself wearing the Tshirt on a long flight too!
- Pallavi

The LooTee T-shirt

is super comfortable and leave you absolutely stress free!

- Disha S.

The most comfortable pyjama

set I have worn in a while. The lining is exactly what a woman needs to be truly free from the shackles of a bra, without feeling any eyes on her. Forget your LBD, get your Lootee.

- Suruchi Kumar

Lootee - the braless t-shirt

Spring Sale
40% of all orders until July 31st!

  • Can I return my Lootee?
    Yes, you can return your products within 7 days. Check our returns policy.
  • Do you offer international shipping?
    Currently, we do not offer international shipping on our site. However, we’re always happy to see how we might be able to help you create a custom order that is outside of India! Feel free to email us at
  • What is NippleLiner™?
    Our T-shirts are designed with an ultra-thin flexible lining that provides coverage of the nipples. There isn’t a pad, strap or shelf. Our NippleLiner™ simply provides nipple coverage.
  • What materials is Lootee made of?
    Our t-shirt fabrics are 100% cotton. Sourced, dyed, stitched, prepared and packaged in India. Our fabrics are sourced ethically and sustainable and every little part of our product including the packaging has been designed with its environmental impact in mind. We’re committed to supporting and empowering local businesses. We are proudly committed to minimum waste fashion and small batch production.
  • What is the Braless T-shirt and why should I buy it?
    The Braless T-shirt is an alternative to bras, we all know the first thing to do after a long day of work is to take off that tight sweaty bra and put on something comfy! But what if you could stay modest without wearing a bra? Our products are designed specifically to be non-tight and non-sticky. Have you noticed how bras, nipple tape and coverings always work by either painful tightness to your skin or stickiness! Our commitment is that our Braless T-shirts will always keep you comfortable and you’ll no longer have to worry about modesty. Our Braless T-shirts look and feel like another top and are designed for women to stay effortlessly modest and comfortable whatever you’re up to.

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